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How To Get A dot Music Domain

.Music top level domains (TLD) will be available for purchase this coming April 2024. Pre-registration is now open for the entire worldwide music community to submit their desired domain request. There is no fee to pre-register and reserve your domain.

.Music Pre-Registration

To get the .Music domain you want, it is strongly recommended that you pre-register your request as early as possible to avoid another entity from acquiring it.

In March 2024 pre-registration will close and all approved requests will be able to purchase their domain prior to it being open for the public in April 2024.

Why pre-register now?

When you pre-register, your account information and desired .music domain is assigned to you pending any dispute (trademark or other substantiated reason). This means first in will have first right to purchase when the “window” opens in March 2024.

After you submit your pre-registration, you will be contacted during this period with any updates associated with your request including an approval to proceed or reason for denial.

Why get a .Music domain?

This is a “lightning crashes” moment. All music industry related businesses and individuals including major recording artists, record labels, streaming services, solo artists, garage bands, and all other related music services will be a part of a new social music platform and are welcome to pre-register.